A$AP Rocky facing jail sentence of ‘up to 14 years’ while Rihanna gears up for birth: Source

A$AP Rocky may go to jail for ‘up to 14 years’ as Rihanna gears up for birth

A$AP Rocky is reportedly under threat of going to prison for ‘up to 14 years’ in connection to a 2021 assault case with an acquaintance.

HollywoodLife insiders brought this news to light only recently.

According to their findings, the rapper has been charged with an assault felony according to reports by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and is currently out on a bail worth $550,000.

Rocky’s attorney Yeretsian, explained the potential danger of Rocky being convicted and explained that in such a case he may be forced to appear for the charges, and may even be locked away for some time.

According to sources, all this directly coincides with the upcoming birth of his unborn child with Rihanna.

Due to this, Rocky may even miss out on the first few months of his child’s life, if convicted.

For those unversed, the minimum charge is six months while assault with a deadly weapon usually carries a four-year sentence, on its own.

At the same time, however, the DA’s office may file an enhancement alleging ‘personal use of a firearm’, which may bump the sentence to an additional 3 or even 10 years.

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