Authorities mobilised to tackle heatwave

LAHORE   –  The Punjab government has mobilised provincial and district disaster management authorities to avoid any emergency situation under the current unusual heatwave in the country. According to the Punjab Health Department sources on Saturday, all the hospitals and Rescue 1122 emergency service have been put on high alert; temporary drinking water spots have been set up; and initial response centres have been established to facilitate people.

People have been urged to follow the advisory issued by the health department and adopt precautionary measures to protect themselves from hot weather, heat exhaust, heat stroke and sunburn. The health department appealed people to try to complete their outside work in early morning, wear loose light-coloured dresses, avoid unnecessary exposure to heat, rest under shade and airy places, bathe occasionally, avoid exercise and hard work during hot weather, wear sun glasses, do not sit in car standing directly under sun, do not leave children in locked cars, eat with empty stomach, drink water time to time and wear caps or any cloth on heads before coming out. The advisory urged the masses to rush to hospitals in case of any sign of fever, vomiting, palpitation, high pulse, yellowness, headaches and over sweetening.

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