Dan Levy reunites with ‘Schitt’s Creek’s costar Noah Reid at ‘The Minutes’ premiere

Dan Levy reunites with ‘Schitt’s Creek’s costar Noah Reid at ‘The Minutes’ premiere 

Actor and director Dan Levy reunited with his costar and friend Noah Reid to celebrate his debut on Broadway.

The Schitt’s Creek star and co-creator, 38, arrived at the Studio 54 Theatre in New York on Sunday to support Reid on the premiere-night performance of his debut play The Minutes, by Tracy Letts.

Ahead of the premiere, Levy lauded Reid’s performance in the play. Reid, 34 played Levy’s love interest Patrick Brewer for four seasons on Schitt’s Creek.

Calling the play “such a ride,” Levy said, “I knew what Noah was capable of long before he even did my show. And then what we were able to do through the show was really kind of flex his character and flex his skills in ways that showed off his theater capabilities.”

“I could only do what I could to show the world what he was capable of, and now there’s this,” he added, referring to Reid’s performance in The Minutes. “And I couldn’t be prouder, he is an incredible talent.”

Directed by Anna D. Shapiro, The Minutes officially opened on April 17 and will run till Sunday, July 24.

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