Google Wallet may return with new user interface

Google’s online transaction application “Google Wallet” is expected to make its return with a much more comprehensive interface.

The search engine is developing an improved and comprehensive to be available for Google Play Store once again.

Twitter user Mishaal Rahman shared a series of pictures to show the new interface.

Google Wallet aims to provide easy access for the management of several business activities such as payment, rewards, passes and memberships similar to its current application google Pay.

According to the report, Google Wallet’s user interface can accessible from Google Pay.

The return of Google Wallet, which will be a virtual space to store a user’s all digital cards, means Google Pay can also be used for contactless payment branding.

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It is pertinent to mention that a unique application named GPay is working in many such as the United States, India, and Singapore.

It is a platform for social features, deals and peer-to-peer payments.

It was Google’s incentive for its digital banking service. The main problem was that the application could be installed on a single device at a time, unlike Google Pay which facilitates the integration across all mobile platforms by availing Android system.


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