Govt taking decision in keeping public interests at top priority: Senator Maula Bakhsh

ISLAMABAD   –   Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and Senator Maula Bakhsh Chandio on Saturday said the government was not under pressure in current situation and taking decisions while keeping the Public welfare in their minds. Talking to a private news channel, the Senator Chandio said that being in a coalition government does not prevent to hold political activities according to party lines. He criticized the PTI government for misgovernance that led the country towards irrecoverable losses and in a wrong direction. Blaming the PTI for introducing a new trend in Pakistan’s politics that is to hurl allegations without any evidences in a bid to undermine the adversaries, the Senator held that they indulge in this practice to hide their own incompetence. In addition, he also slammed the PTI leadership for misleading the public in their political  rallies.

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