Imran targeting ECP due to undeniable evidence in foreign funding case: Maryam

Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PMLN) vice president Maryam Nawaz on Friday while reacting to former PM Imran Khan presser said that Imran Khan is attacking Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) due to undeniable evidence in foreign funding case against him.

In her tweet, Maryam wrote that “The nation should know that the reason for the drama surrounding US letter is due to the expected verdict against Arif Naqvi because Imran Khan is also involved in the scam in which he had been arrested and the former PM has taken millions of dollars from him illegally. The reason for attacking the ECP is irrefutable evidence of illegal funding.”

In another tweet, she wrote, “The reason of attacking the institutions is also a tactic to raise the pressure for early elections. Open your ears and listen! Your [Imran Khan] bullying and intimidation will now lead to your own destruction. The ex-PM couldn t handle his government, and party and listen.”

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