Lindsay Lohan launches her podcast ‘The Lohdown’ as she makes a career comeback

Lindsay Lohan launches her podcast ‘The Lohdown’ as she makes a career comeback 

Lindsay Lohan announced her new podcast The Lohdown as she makes a career comeback saying it is a show where her listeners can get to know her.

Taking to Instagram, the Mean Girls actor shared that her latest venture will be released on April 26th on YouTube.

She dropped the poster of the podcast along with an audio recording where she explained what her show’s going to be like.

The 35-year-old said in the audio message, “Hello world, it’s me Lindsay Lohan and I’m here to tell you about my brand new podcast, The Lohdown.”

“I want The Lohdown to be a place where you can get to know me, the 100% authentic me. Having starred in dozens of movies and TV shows, I’m usually the one being interviewed,” she added while her song Rumors played in the background.

She continued: “But now it’s my turn to ask the questions, to dig deep and hear all about the fascinating and wonderful things that my guests are doing in their lives. The successes, the failures, the hard work and the moments in life that make you smile.”

“I want The Lohdown on it all. Each episode will bring you along as I get to talk to people from all different backgrounds; actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, producers, YouTube personalities, and many more,” Lohan concluded.

“I’m not here to ask surface level questions. I’m here for the stories that hold meaning. I can’t wait to share each and every episode with you.”

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