Meghan trolled for ‘holding Harry hand’ to fight his ‘bubbling omelette of grievance’

Meghan trolled for ‘holding Harry’s hand’ to fight his ‘bubbling omelette of grievance’

Meghan Markle is being accused of pampering Prince Harry as Duke sits in for interview with Hoda Kotb.

The Duke of Sussex went for a solo interview on The Today Show and talked about his life as a father, a humanitarian and as a son.

Meghan, who had reportedly left the Netherlands earlier, was not present during the exclusive shot at The Hague amid Invictus Games.

Mocking her presence and constant need to give reassurance to husband Harry, Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir is mocking the couple.

“On this occasion there was no Meghan present to hold Harry’s hand and egg on his bubbling omelette of grievance, which was a shame. Yet her very absence added a frisson of excitement to the proceedings, because there was always a chance she might rush in from stage left in a £17,000 top and say something mean about Kate’s Easter decorations or choice of tights,” said Moir.

Harry during the same interview confessed that he is Queen’s close confidante.

‘We have a really special relationship, we talk about things that she can’t talk about with anybody else,’ he said of his meeting at Windsor with his grandmother,’ said the Duke

Moir mocked: “What on earth could the Queen talk about with Harry that she can’t talk about with anyone else? I’ve been racking my brains. Rescue chickens? Naked billiards? Did he bring some crystals from the Montecito New Age Store and try to realign the royal chakras?

“Maybe he got her to do the weird deep-breathing thing he does every time he arrives in London, to help her cope with her grief at losing Prince Philip.

“Or by claiming this special relationship, maybe he was just getting even with his big brother for all those times he was excluded from the regular kingcraft sessions William had with the Queen when they were growing up,” she concluded.

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