Meme fest over Ali Tareen’s presence in Imran Khan’s Twitter Spaces session

Picture collage of PTI Chairman Imran Khan (L), a screengrab of the participants of Twitter space (C), and Ali Khan Tarin  (R). — Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook

Former prime minister Imran Khan on Wednesday night spoke at his first-ever Twitter Space session with nearly 165K people listening at one point.

With rumours of PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz attending the Twitter space, one of the 165K listeners was actually Ali Khan Tareen, son of PTI’s disgruntled faction’s leader Jahangir Khan Tareen.

Ali’s presence did not go unnoticed as the listeners immediately spotted him in the Space and took screengrabs.

Meanwhile, Pakistani memers jumped at the opportunity and produced hilarious content about Ali’s presence.

However, it got more interesting when Ali himself enjoyed the meme game.

Have a look at some of these memes:

Ali even retweeted some of these memes.

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