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A harrowing account narrated by veteran actor Mohsin Gillani has recently resurfaced and is currently doing the rounds on social media. In the 2019 clip from Fiza Ali’s talkshow hosted on GNN, Gillani tearfully details the moment his daughter passed away following childbirth. He recounted the incident after the host questioned him about the sweetest and bitterest moments of his life. While he explained how the sweetest was when he held his daughter in his arms for the first time, the most painful was when he had to give her away following marriage, and her subsequent passing away.

The actor shared, “The happiest time of my life was when I held my daughter in my arms and kissed her. There can never be a moment happier than that.” He added, “The most painful moment of my life was when my daughter got married. When I was seeing her off and she was crying on my shoulder, the moment she raised her head and went away, I felt like the ground had been pulled from underneath my feet.”

The actor explained that when his daughter, Fatima, gave birth to a baby girl in Islamabad, she became a victim of neglect on part of the doctors treating her. “There was no one to check her blood pressure or keep her heartbeat in check. Nothing.”

Narrating the heartrending series of events, he shared tearfully, “She said she couldn’t feel her legs, and that her arms and eyes are slowly fading as well. She said, ‘I’m dying. Can someone save me?’ Now, tell me, what can a father do?”

He continued, “We took her to the emergency room but it was too far away. By the time we got there, I believe it was too late. I asked them to let me see my daughter one last time, but they kept telling me everything would be okay. I had this odd feeling that the ward had been emptied out. Maybe they felt that since I was from showbiz, my reaction could be dangerous.” 

The actor concluded, urging his viewers to be wary of where they take their children for medical treatment. “I just want to tell my viewers, our children are very dear to us,” he said, adding, “Before going to a hospital, please make sure that they can treat them properly. Otherwise, don’t take your children to them.” 

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