Muslims across Pakistan to observe ‘Aitekaf’ from tonight

ISLAMABAD: Thousands of faithful Muslims across Pakistan have finalised preparations to start observing ‘Aitekaf’ from April 22.

Aitekaf is observed from 20th Ramzan till the sighting of the new moon.

Aitkaf is a practice in the Islamic faith consisting of a period of retreat in a mosque or at home. People sit in solitude for as many as ten days to worship Allah. 

Mosques and Madrassas across Pakistan make special arrangements for worshippers to observe Aitkaf every year.

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These worshippers are provided ‘sehri’ and ‘iftari’ by their relatives to facilitate the focus on their worship. But as a part of worship and regular practice during Ramazan, many philanthropists and people send food items for sehri and iftari in the mosques to facilitate the poor and needy who come to mosques for the purpose.

Aitkaf sitting is a ‘sunnah’ of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) and carries numerous blessings. Men observe ‘Aitekaf’ in small cubicles. 

However, women observe Aitkaf by sitting at a separate corner or quiet place in their house, provided other people do not visit it. 

The worshippers will conclude their Aitkaf as soon as the new moon, marking the end of the month of Ramzan, is sighted.


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