‘No foreign conspiracy’: US welcomes NSC statement

ISLAMABAD: The United States (US) State Department has welcomed a statement from National Security Committee (NSC) meeting headed by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif which stated that there was no conspiracy to oust former PM Imran Khan, ARY NEWS reported.

During a routine press briefing at the State Department, Principal Deputy Spokesperson Jalina Porter while responding to a query on NSC statement from a journalist said that they have continued to say all along that there’s absolutely no truth to those rumors.

“So we welcome this statement. And I would also like to underscore that the United States values our longstanding cooperation with Pakistan and has always viewed a strong, prosperous, and democratic Pakistan as critical to U.S. interests,” Jalina Porter said.

It is pertinent to mention here that the National Security Committee (NSC) on Friday discussed the “threatening” telegram received from Pakistan embassy in Washington and concluded that “there has been no foreign conspiracy” to oust Imran Khan’s government.

According to a statement issued after the meeting, the 38th NSC meeting, after reviewing the contents of the communication reaffirmed the decisions of the last NSC meeting (during former PM Imran Khan’s government).


Former Pakistani ambassador to Washington Dr Asad Majeed Khan briefed the meeting about the content of the diplomatic cable.

“The NSC was again informed by the premier security agencies that they have found no evidence of any conspiracy. Therefore, the NSC, after reviewing the contents of the communication, the assessments received and the conclusions presented by security agencies, concludes that there has been no foreign conspiracy,” reads the statement.

The meeting was attended by the services chiefs and federal ministers.


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