PFUJ expresses grave concerns over Imran’s allegations against journalists

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ISLAMABAD: Expressing grave concerns over the allegations levelled by ousted prime minister Imran Khan against some of the journalists, without naming anyone, of receiving money from abroad and hatching a conspiracy against the country, the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) asked the PTI to show evidence if it has any.

In a joint statement, PFUJ President Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary-General Nasir Zaidi asked the PTI if it had evidence that any journalist had conspired to topple Khan’s government by taking money from the foreign powers then, the party should share it with the media body.

“The PFUJ itself would take action against them,” read the statement.

But if Khan has made allegations against journalists without any evidence, then he should withdraw these and apologise to the journalist community, said the PFUJ leadership.

The journalists covering the ministry of foreign affairs and embassies had to stay in touch with the diplomatic staff of different countries to fulfil their professional duties, similarly, Pakistan’s ambassadors in different countries have to liaise with the journalists of those countries, read the statement.

“Their meetings with the journalists of those countries do not mean that they are aimed at overthrowing their governments,” said the PFUJ’s leadership.

The PFUJ said that Khan’s allegations against journalists without naming anyone was an attempt to cast doubt on the role of all journalists.

In the past, Khan had made similar and repeated allegations of election rigging “35 punctures” against a journalist which later on he claimed were mere “political statements”, read the statement.

The PFUJ leadership said that previously other severe allegations against media have been proven wrong in courts including international courts.

The PFUJ advised Imran Khan to be careful of advisors who have created conflicts with the journalist community.

“If PECA ordinance was in place, thousands of PTI people would be in jail right now,” warned the PFUJ.

Hate speech against journalists can threaten their lives and prevent them from their duty, read the statement.

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