Prince Harry claims Diana inspired Invictus Games: ‘I am my mother’s son’

Prince Harry has said that he is his ‘mother’s son’ completely, and that his mother, Princess Diana, more or less inspired the vision behind the Invictus Games.

Talking to People magazine for its recent cover story, Prince Harry said he believes that his work with the Invictus Games would make Diana proud of him.

The Duke of Sussex said: “I certainly hope and believe everything I do makes her proud.”

“In the 12 short years I was lucky enough to have with her, I saw and felt the energy and lift she got from helping others, no matter their background, ailment or status. Her life and theirs was better for it, however short theirs or hers was.”

Harry went on to state: “I honour my mother in everything I do. I am my mother’s son.”

The father of two also reflected on his mother’s impact on his life in a recent interview with NBC News’ Hota Kotb, in which he said that Diana’s presence was ‘constant’ for him.

“It has been over the last two years. More so than ever before,” Harry said.

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