Prince Harry making ‘calculated digs’ at Royal Family, says expert

Prince Harry’s recent appearances on TV shows have been compared to his infamous 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey by a royal expert, who says that he has been making ‘calculated’ attacks at the royal family.

Talking on the Palace Confidential podcast, Daily Mail editor Richard Eden commented on Harry’s recent statements on his Today Show interview, criticising the Duke of Sussex for being ‘calculating’ in his sentiments about the royal family.

Eden said: “To me it seemed really calculating. Harry is now married to an actress, and I get the impression that he’s given guidance, tips, he’s prepared for this type of interview.”

“It was meant to be about the Invictus Games, there’s some really fascinating stories there, but oh no, it’s all about Harry.”

The royal commentator added: “Everything he said, the calculated digs at his family, it was a real hark back to the Oprah interview, and it seems to be very much calculated and planned for, I think.”

According to Eden, Harry left royal fans hanging with his remarks about a royal family member making racist remarks about Archie with Oprah, and he seems to have once again chosen the same route with his comment about ‘protecting’ the Queen.

“I was left furious after that Oprah interview… They sort of suggested that the Royal Family was racist without naming anyone, and that led to all sorts of speculation and it has ever since,” he said.

Eden went on to state that in the same vein, “Everyone’s talking about, ‘what does he mean by ‘protection’? Who’s looking after the Queen?… we’re all trying to see who he’s having a dig at.”

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