Queen Elizabeth narrowingly escapes head-on car crash on 96th birthday

Queen Elizabeth ‘nearly misses’ a head-on collision with a white Nissan Juke on the day of her birthday because of the ‘quick thinking’ of her driver.

The incident was avoided thanks to her driver’s ability to slam the brakes, just inches away from the car on her day out.

It occurred shortly after the driver pulled out of the Majesty’s estate, on a country road.

The Nissan Juke is said to have been driving at 30mph and was forced to swerve close to the Queen’s Range Rover, ending up on the grass verge to avoid a head-on collision.

According to The Sun,  a passerby recounted the potentially fatal accident, which was ‘narrowingly avoided’ thanks to the driver’s quick thinking.

According to the pedestrian, “The Range Rover should have stopped at the junction to let the car go by.”

Especially “We sometimes get cars going much faster along that road so the Queen was very lucky.”

Queen Elizabeth has been at Wood Farm for a private family celebration in memory of Prince Philip. 

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