Rangers deployed to stop water pilferage from Sindh canals

KARACHI – The Sindh administration on Saturday deployed Rangers to thwart water theft from the Sindh canals.
The local government took prompt action regarding water pilferage from the canals of Mirpurkhas and Nawabshah divisions and deployed Rangers to stem the theft.
The concerned commissioners wrote letters to the home secretary requesting him to take measures to stop water pilferage from Sindh canals. The Sindh home secretary deployed Rangers to keep guard on several watercourses coming from different canals including Akram Wah Canal, Mithrao Canal and Jamrao Canal.
The Rangers officials will perform their duties under the supervision of an inspector. At each point, 3 mobile forces and 24 Ranger officials would patrol the area. Meanwhile, the Karachi administration has said that last night it repaired a four feet wide breach occurred in the canal bringing water from the Hub Dam reservoir and supplying it to the port city.
The WAPDA officials said that the water supply to Karachi remained suspended. But breach in the canal at Zero Point was repaired and water supply to Karachi would be restored in 10-12 hours. By evening, the water supply to Karachi will be restored, they added.
Residents of Karachi are already facing water shortage in this sweltering heat. In most of the areas, people are compelled to buy water from water tankers and the disruption in the water supply from Hum Dam will create more difficulties for the people.
Water supply to
Karachi suspended
The water supply to Karachi was suspended on Saturday after a breach occurred in the Hub Canal, which carries water from the dam to the city. According to details, a five feet wide breach in the Hub Dam canal coming from Balochistan disrupted the water supply to the port city.
A team of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) immediately reached the spot for repair work. However, according to the WAPDA spokesperson, the repair work in the Hub canal has been completed and water supply was restored to Karachi
“Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KW&SB) is providing 76 million of gallons water to Karachi from Hub Dam,” he said, adding that the supply would get better in the evening. It is worth mentioning here that residents of Karachi are already facing water shortages amid scorching weather conditions.
Karachi gets 100-million gallons of water daily from the Dam.
The catchment area of Hub River is spread over hundreds of kilometers in Balochistan and Sindh.
The Hub Dam, located 56 km from Karachi with a total capacity of 339 feet, is extended to 24,300 acres with a gross storage capacity of 8,57,000 acre-feet water.
It is Pakistan’s third-largest dam and an important source of water supply to Karachi.

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