Watch: Mike Tyson punches man for persistently trying to talk to him

The picture is taken from a video that shows a man (L) trying to talk to Mike Tyson. — Screengrab/Twitter

Mike Tyson — who is a former heavyweight boxing champion — repeatedly punched a passenger on a plane after being irritated by him for persistently leaning over in an attempt to talk to him. 

The footage circulating on the internet showed the 55-year-old former heavyweight champion hitting the man, punching him several times and leaving the passenger with bruises who was bleeding after the incident took place on Wednesday, NDTV Sports reported. 

Initially, Tyson was friendly to the man and his friend. However, the incident later occurred after the passenger didn’t stop provoking him. The former heavyweight champion stood up and attacked the passenger, punching him multiple times. 

The US police and the airline did not make any comments in this regard. However, this is not the first time Tyson has made the news for his erratic behaviour.

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