What is Nazia Hassan’s only son ‘Arez’ up to these days!

Pop Queen Nazia Hassan gave birth to her son Arez Hassan in April 1997, three years before her death due to lung cancer.

Pop icons Nazia and Zoheb Hassan were undoubtedly the most loved pop duo of the 80s decade, with their popularity across borders garnering worldwide acclaim for the two. While fans loved their compositions and peppy tracks, the lovable sibling bond between the two was hugely adored as well by the audience.

The ‘Queen of South Asia Pop’ – who passed away at 35 in London after her long battle with lung cancer – became a parent to baby boy Arez Hassan with her husband Ishtiaq Baig in 1997.

Nazia’s brother and music partner Zoheb Hassan recently shared a throwback picture of her late sister with her newborn son. “Extremely rare picture of the late legendary #NaziaHassan with her newborn son #Arez in #Karachi at her mother’s house,” Hassan noted in the caption.

Furthermore, in a heartfelt note to her sister, Zoheb mentioned that Arez is a grown-up now, and has been raised to be a ‘good-looking, caring and successful individual’ as wished by late Nazia.

The pop icon of yesteryear also added that the young man – brought up by Nazia’s mother and siblings – is a successful Lawyer, working at one of the largest law firms in the world.

Zoheb also revealed that his late sister wished to live a little more to see his baby grow. “Please try and give me a little more time to live so I can see my son growing up…” Zoheb quoted Nazia’s statement to doctors during her last days of the cancer battle.

A number of social users reacted to the post with heartfelt prayers for the late star, while others lauded Arez for fulfilling his mom’s wishes.

Earlier, Zoheb shared a click of his son Azmere with Arez as well.


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